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Why Solar

Thanks to a Government backed scheme, clean energy doesn't just save you money, it earns you money too.


Every year, with a Hanergy solar system you will make money in 3 distinct ways:

  • 1

    Generate money

    The FEED-IN TARIFF pays you 13.88p for every kWh you produce, whether you use it or not

  • 2

    Sell back to the grid

    Export your excess electricity to the grid and earn an additional 4.77p/kWh

  • 3

    Reduce your bills

    Your solar system will generate free electricity, so you SAVE buying at least 50% from your expensive utility each year.


Let's take at closer look at why solar is the ultimate feel-good investment. 

For 2.88 kW system fit for a semi-detached home in Maidstone, Kent you can make an annual return of £610.

This will help pay back the entire cost of the system in roughly 8 years

Annual Benefit Breakdown

Feed-in Tariff Income     £354

Export Tariff Income       £61

Electricity Bill Savings    £195

= Total Annual Benefit   £610

% Return on investment    12%

Total annual return is calculated on IKEA FAMILY member price of £5,100 incl 5% VAT for a 2.88kW system located in Maidstone. Price includes all core components (solar panels, inverter and monitoring system) plus installation service. 35 degree pitch with south facing roof and 10% shading for a house in Zone 1 according to MCS New PV Guide 1.0.  Assumes a minimum EPC rating D. Annual FIT Generation Tariff calculation: (2551 kWh x 13.88p). Export Tariff calculation: (1275kWh x 4.77p). For customers without smart meters, export is not measured, but deemed at 50%. Electricity bill savings: (1275kWh x 15.32p). Assumes 50% of generation used. Bill savings based on medium user paying 15.32p/unit according to Energy Saving Trust, 2013.